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County, School Board, City of Gainesville, State Legislature, Congress

Redistricting is the process of redrawing state legislative and congressional district boundaries so that the population is more or less equal in each district. This is done every 10 years by state legislatures following the U.S. Census. At the local level, each governmental body does it for its own districts.

In Alachua County, County Commission and School Board districts each have 5 residential districts and the candidates run County-wide. The City of Gainesville has 4 single-member districts, two at-large commissioners, and a Mayor elected at-large. The County Commission, the School Board, and the Gainesville City Commission are each responsible for their own redistricting.

The Supervisor of Elections office does not draw district lines. However, we do play a part in the redistricting process. Once the new districts are drawn, we must draw new precinct lines. We update the precinct boundaries so that they align with the new district maps for federal, state, and local offices. Each voter is assigned to the precinct that includes their address. This process is known as "reprecincting."  Each precinct has an associated Election Day polling place. Due to reprecincting, some polling places will change starting with the 2022 Primary Election.

Once redistricting and reprecincting is complete, new voter information cards will be mailed to all voters. The voter information card lists your districts, your precinct, and the address of your Election Day polling place.

For more information, visit the Florida House of Representatives redistricting website. Through this website you can access MyDistrictBuilder, a tool for building district boundaries.