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Public Records

You may request a public record from our office by using this online form. 

Public Records Custodian: Information Specialist Dillon Boatner ( 

The elections office maintains the following public records and more:

  • Voter registration records
  • Election results for local elections
  • Candidates and campaign finance reports
  • Financial disclosure records of local officials
  • Copies of applicable election laws

Please contact the Elections Office in person, by phone, or by mail if you have any questions concerning access to voter registration or other public records.

Public Record Exemptions

The following information concerning voters and voter registration held by an agency are confidential and exempt:

  • All declinations to register to vote made at a voter registration agency are confidential and exempt from public inspection.
  • Information relating to the place where a person registered to vote or where a person updated a voter registration is confidential and exempt from public inspection.
  • The social security number, driver’s license number, and Florida identification number on a voter’s record or application cannot be viewed or copied.
  • The signature of a voter registration applicant on any election-related document cannot be copied, but can be viewed.  This includes:  voter registration application, absentee envelope, provisional envelope, Early Voting certificate, precinct register, and any other voting-related documents.

Voter Registration Records

Access to voter registration records is governed by Section 97.0585 of the Florida Statutes.

The Elections Office prepares a statistical breakdown of voter registration for the county as a whole and for individual precincts. The breakdown shows the aggregate totals of registered voters by party, race, and sex. Copies of these reports are available at a charge (to cover the cost of duplication).

Other official records

Elected officials and certain appointed officials are required to periodically file financial disclosure reports. In general, city and county officials must file their reports at the county Supervisor of Elections Office, and all others must file their reports with the State Division of Elections Office in Tallahassee.

Similarly, campaign finance reports for local candidates and political organizations are usually filed at the County Elections Office, and all others at the state Elections Office.

These other records maintained by the Elections Office are available for inspection and copying at any time during normal business hours. There will be a charge of $0.15 per copy.

The Division of Elections of the Florida Department of State publishes a compilation of Florida's election laws. Races for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are also governed by federal laws and the Federal Elections Commission. Contact the state Elections Office for further information.