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Vote Alachua Team

Kim A. Barton
Supervisor of Elections


Karen Edwards
Executive Assistant to Supervisor of Elections


Carl Delesdernier
Chief Deputy Supervisor
Information Systems, Ballot Design


Michael "Mike" Bruckman
Vote-By-Mail Ballot Coordinator
Vote-By-Mail Management 


Yvette Carreras
Administrative Assistant
Voter Registration, Election Workers


Robin Keirnan
Fiscal Assistant
Accounting, Finance , Payroll, Accounts Payable


Aaron Klein
Director of Communications and Outreach
Outreach and Education, Media Relations


Greg Rohan
Director of Operations
Precinct Management, Records Management, Voting Equipment


Dillon Boatner
Information Specialist (Public Records Custodian)
Public Records, GIS, Information Technology

Tim Williams
Assistant Supervisor of Elections
Candidates, Election Worker Assignments, Electioneering Communications Organizations, Political Committees, Political Parties, Trainings, Candidate Qualifying, and Candidate and Initiative Petitions