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Media Contact/Guide


Aaron Klein, Director of Communications and Outreach
Office: 352-374-5252 
Cell: 352-275-9404

Polling Sites 

  • Members of the media are not allowed in the polling room except to vote, observe the set-up prior to the polls opening, or observe the polls closing after all voters have left the polling room.
  • No photography is allowed in the polling rooms. This includes cell phone cameras.
  • Election workers are instructed to decline interviews and refer members of the media to the Supervisor of Elections Office. 

Exit Polling 

  • If planning on conducting an exit poll, we recommend contacting us beforehand so we can better assist you and ensure poll workers are expecting you. To notify our office, call 352-374-5252.
  • Individuals who contact us two business days prior to Election Day will receive an ID badge identifying them as an Exit Pollster. 
  • Exit Polling can occur within the 150-foot no solicitation zone as long as it is conducted in an area that does not interfere with voter access to the polling place (F.S. 102.031(4)(b)). 

Tracking Turnout and Results 

  • Voter turnout will be on our website at Early voting and mail ballot returns will appear first.
  • On election night, about 30 minutes after the polls close, the first preliminary results will be posted on our website. The initial report will include results for both ballots Voted-by-Mail and from Early Voting. All subsequent reports will include Election Day precinct results. A link to the Florida Election Watch will also be provided to follow statewide results. 

Additional Resources