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Precinct Voting

Voting at your polling place on Election Day is easy. Remember to bring valid picture and signature identification. For more information on the types of identification accepted at the polls, please click here. You can find the your assigned precinct by looking at your Voter Information Card or you can use our Precinct Finder below to locate your precinct and polling place. Remember to check our website prior to an election to be sure there are no changes to your polling place location.

Alachua County Precincts & Polling Places

By law, the Supervisor of Elections administers County-wide, State, and Federal elections. By contract, it administers City of Gainesville elections. Some precincts are split between the City of Gainesville city limits and Alachua County. Those voters who reside within the city limits of split precincts are eligible to vote in city elections. Those voters who reside in the county portion of split precincts will only be eligible to vote in County-wide, State, and Federal elections, not City of Gainesville elections.

District Boundaries

For information on District Boundaries, including those for City of Gainesville Commission Districts, click here.

Please enter in your house number in the box below and just the street name without directions in the street name box. 

Once you enter in the street name, give the box a second and a small blue box will show an address; click the one that is yours, and it will load your precinct. 

Alachua County Precincts